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4th Class Stationary Engineer - Ottawa / Gatineau
Location Ottawa
Region CA-ON
Req # 196620
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Job Field:
Facility Management - Critical Environment
Job Type:
Full time
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The 4th Class Stationary Engineer performs operational work in a central heating or central heating and cooling plant in the National Capital Area and reports to a 1st Class Stationary Engineer.  The PSPC contract provides custodial services to federal government organizations at buildings and facilities in the National Capital Region.  Within this context, BGIS functions to render service to clients in providing certified and trained Stationary Engineers to manage, operate and maintain various registered central heating and cooling plants.


  • Operates plant equipment and systems on days and/or rotating shifts; observes instruments, gauges and computerized operating data; starts up, shuts down and adjusts controls on equipment manually and by computer; complies with regulations and standards; inspects operating conditions and reports malfunctions; responds to alarms in operating systems; performs patrols and verifies operating equipment; contribute information regarding procurement of parts and plant supplies.
  • Performs scheduled preventive and in-house maintenance, emergency repair and overhaul of plant equipment; uses hand and power tools; identifies, troubleshoots and repairs problems in the plant and the distribution system; maintains and repairs equipment; identifies required repair parts; advises tradespersons on problem solving; and escorts tradespersons and contractors within the plant or systems.
  • Updates a shift logs; observes and records instrument, gauge and meter readings; performs calculations related to water, gas and electricity consumption; prepares reports for management on operational issues or deficiencies.
  • Conducts scheduled running tests on the diesel electric generator; logs test results and the condition of the unit; conducts standardized water sample tests and adjusts chemical feed rates.
  • Investigates reports and takes action on conditions that affect the safety and security of the plant and staff; prepares incident reports; performs housekeeping duties, provides a team work “safety watch”. 
  • The 4th Class Stationary Engineer has custody of and is responsible for a range of heating plant equipment and systems as described in the attached dimension sheet. These include: a diesel electric generator, computer systems that control the plant or facility, instruments and gauges, controls to regulate plant output, the plant distribution system, oil and gas fired high pressure boilers, combustion chambers, firing equipment, water pumps, valves, expansion joints, fans, hand and power tools and water samples.  
  • The work includes responsibility for a shift log that details plant operating conditions and matters that may affect plant safety and security.
  • The 4th Class Stationary Engineer is required make tours of inspection, record observations and to ensure that readings on instruments and gauges comply with regulations, operating procedures and occupational health and safety standards.
  • The 4th Class Stationary Engineer interprets information for colleagues, clients and supervisors on operational issues, deficiencies or changes in normal operations and new equipment; relays verbal instruction, as received from supervisors or colleagues regarding inspection and repair.
  • The 4th Class Stationary Engineer troubleshoots to identify mechanical equipment problems.  Creativity is required to implement solutions to mechanical breakdowns. The actions performed prevent damage to the plant and equipment, increased operating costs and the interruption of service to clients.
  • The incumbent makes recommendations on purchasing parts and supplies.


  • Up to 3 years or more at Class 4 level
  • The incumbent must have significant knowledge of the operation of heating and cooling plant equipment and systems.  This includes a familiarity with the operating characteristics of boilers, chillers, generators, combustion chambers, firing equipment, water pumps, valves, expansion joints, fans, distribution systems and auxiliary equipment including computer systems. This knowledge is needed to deliver to clients a safe and continuous control of temperature to achieve their specific environmental requirements. This knowledge is necessary to obtain provincial or standardized operating engineering certification.
  • The work requires knowledge of testing methods to carry out tests on mechanical equipment and water samples.  This knowledge is necessary to assure the reliability of plant equipment and to determine and adjust chemical concentrations in water.
  • Knowledge of administrative practices is needed to prepare work orders and documents, to compile operational data for monthly reports to management for the annual estimates and to write reports with recommendations.
  • The work requires general knowledge of federal and provincial regulations related to environmental standards and occupational health and safety in plant operations.
  • This employee must have the skills needed to start up and shut down large oil and gas fired boilers and generators, adjust controls that regulate output, perform preventive maintenance and, on occasion, remove and replace parts.
  • Troubleshooting activities demand analytical and problem solving skills.
  • The 4th Class Stationary Engineer must work with a variety of computer software programs. 
  • The work requires skill in conducting standardized tests to determine chemical concentrations in water.
  • Manual dexterity is required to repair and overhaul operating plant and extensive distribution systems equipment, pumps, valves, expansion joints and fans. This employee performs seasonal maintenance on plant equipment.
  • The incumbent uses a variety of hand and power tools in the work.
  • Written communication skill is needed to record information in a written shift log and to prepare reports, complete various forms, time sheets, travel claims and procurement documents. Verbal communication is required to describe mechanical problems to colleagues.

Licenses and/or Professional Accreditation

  • 4th Class Stationary Engineer certification
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