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The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is a “mega project” to clean-up low-level radioactive wastes situated in the Municipality of Port Hope and the Municipality of Clarington.  The project involves remediating several contaminated sites to established clean-up criteria and consolidating the wastes in a new engineered mound (one in each community).  The remediation and construction aspects of the project are subject to CNSC licenses and environmental approvals.  The PHAI has a very high public profile and is a top priority for the Government of Canada and the Port Hope area communities.

The project is sponsored by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and led by CNL.  The Government of Canada provides oversight for the execution of the project mandate.

The Health Physicist will assist the Health Physics Section Head in providing health physics (HP) and radiation protection (RP) support to the Historic Waste Program (HWP) Management Office as well as, HP consultative advice to CNL and/or contractors, and developing and implementing elements of the project requirements for radiation protection. 

The Health Physicist will perform duties including performing radiological safety assessments; documenting radiological work assessments and assisting in documenting radiological work plans, review of subcontractor RP plans and standard operating procedures, teaching Group 4 RP Training and assisting with the teaching of Group 3 and Group 2 RP Training for CNL staff members and sub-contractors, participating in accident investigations and workplace inspections; advising staff on RP requirements in their respective work areas; performing oversight of the sub-contractor’s execution of their RP Programs, and help to ensure the Port Granby and Port Hope sites, in general, are compliant with the requirements of the PHAI RP Plan and AECL Corporate RP program.

The Health Physicist will also assist the Health Physics, Section Head in creating standard operating procedures which CNL RP and Operations staff will follow during their routine work, to define and present RP Training to CNL staff, and to oversee the dosimetry for CNL personnel.



Assist with RP program management and oversight:

  • Preparing, reviewing and revising radiation protection plans and procedures.
  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining radiation protection performance models and metrics.
  • Monitoring RP-related, non-conformances and corrective actions.
  • Perform oversight of sub-contractor’s implementation of RP Plans.  This includes site visits to observe RP practices, performing confirmatory RP measurements (e.g., dose rate, contamination), and participating in audits or review of data, procedures, and logs.
  • Preparing or participating in RP-program self-assessments and compliance reviews.
  • Organize, plan and advise CNL staff and sub-contractors of RP requirements for work.  Observe such staff at work, and provide coaching on proper RP protocols as required.
  • Teach Group 4 training course and assist in teaching Group 3 and Group 2 RP Training courses for CNL staff and sub-contractors.

Operational health physics services for assigned facilities and projects:

  • Development and implementation of RP controls, processes and procedures.
  • Radiological safety and dose assessments, ALARA assessment and reviews. This includes operating fixed and portable radiation instrumentation and taking of swipes and samples.
  • Preparation, review and/or approval of radiological work plans/assessments/procedures and radioisotope laboratory protocol.
  • Post-work ALARA reviews.
  • Response and investigation of unplanned event investigations.

Support of Radiation safety officer services and management:

  • Radiation source registration, records, and leak testing program.
  • X-ray Fluorescence equipment control and records.
  • Laboratory and non-listed facility compliance inspections.
  • Controlled Area (CA) lunch/beverage rooms registration and CA food passes.

Technical health physics services for instrumentation and filter counting:

  • Oversight of processes for the calibration of RP instrumentation.
  • Oversight of decontamination methods and techniques.
  • Planning, execution and documentation of scoping, characterization and release radiological surveys.

Other duties may include:

  • Participate in incident response and investigations. 
  • Issue and collect dosimetry (e.g., TLDs, PADs), and send for processing or calibration as required. 
  • Ensure sufficient supply of bioassay collection sample containers for CNL staff.  Supervise the collection, packaging, and shipment of samples to laboratory. 
  • Responsible for meeting HWP quality requirements as defined in the HWP QA Plan and supporting procedural documents in conducting the work.



The position requires a University Degree in health physics or honours degree in science or engineering with post graduate studies and/or experience in health physics or related discipline.  Candidates with >10 years as a Radiation Technician in the nuclear industry will also be considered.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Knowledge of recommendations and guidelines of radiological protection standards.
  • Knowledge and understanding of radiation protection philosophies, procedures, equipment and techniques used both in theory and practice.
  • Use of Microsoft computer software, knowledge and use of databases.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with others in a team environment.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize work to meet objectives and targets.
  • Ability to make decisions based on established requirements, procedures and practices.  
  • Ability to coordinate a small work team and/or technical staff.
  • Ability to wear protective clothing and work in a hazardous environment.
  • Mature outlook and proven good judgement.


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